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Nerve Monitoring during your surgery is important to you!
Neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring (IOM) is requested by your doctor during complex brain and spine surgeries, as well as peripheral nerve and vascular surgeries that could potentially place the brain, spinal cord, and nerve roots at risk for damage. By monitoring and communicating functional changes in these specific structures during your surgery, our clinicians work together with the surgical team to reduce or eliminate permanent damage.
Our clinicians prepare you for intraoperative monitoring by attaching a series of electrodes at different points along your nerve pathways. From these electrodes we monitor your neural responses for any changes that may occur during the procedure. The location of each electrode will depend on the type of surgery being performed and your condition.
Together the surgeon, neurologist and in-room neurophysiologist can take steps as needed to prevent permanent damage. NeuroNexus provides the surgeon with data that is needed in order to successfully correct the issue at hand. Our services are essential when undergoing such delicate procedures as brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerve surgery.
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